God sets the lonely in families... Psalm 68:6

Live the Promise

A Promising Plan for the Welfare of Children

Become an Advocate for Vulnerable Children!
Build a Family Advocacy Ministry at your Church


Upcoming Advocate Training Clinics
January 25th | Agape, Wetumpka (near Montgomery)
February 8th (2020)
| Promise686, Metro Atlanta
April 18th (2020) | Promise686, Metro Atlanta


Psalm 68:6 includes a simple promise—“God sets the lonely in families.” We intend to live it, specifically for vulnerable children. Live The Promise is a network of churches and non-profits building sustainable Foster Advocacy Ministries (FAMs). Live The Promise equips families and volunteers to provide strategic prevention, appropriate intervention, and essential connection for vulnerable children.


Who is behind Live the Promise?

Live The Promise works because church communities come together to engage their local child welfare crisis. Promise686, an independent faith-based non-profit, is leading this initiative by mobilizing a coordinated response to the needs of vulnerable children through strong Family Advocacy Ministries nationwide.

What if every church had at least one foster family

The State of Foster Care

US Churches | 300,000

US Foster Children | 400,000

Georgia Churches | 10,000

Georgia Foster Children | 15,000